2012 Hi-Mar Spring Tournament results

Tim Behany May 20, 2012 0
2012 Hi-Mar Spring Tournament results

The Annual Hi-Mar Spring Tournament to Honor Veterans on Armed Forces Day was held in bright sunny skies. The day turned out much better than the forecast, except for large ocean swells. The majority of the larger fish were caught down the beach, near the Shrewsbury Rocks. The Hi-Mar Striper Club would like to thank all those who participated, 28 boats, the Veterans, The Fisherman Magazine and Bahr’s Landing for hosting the tournament.

Boat Captain Combined 2 fish weight Place
Eastwick Raul De La Prida 69.2 lbs 1
Doghouse Joseph Marshall 60.8 lbs 2
Pita Mark Presto 56.4 lbs 3
Pure Platinum Ben Marino 54.0 lbs 4
Little Silver Express Steve Solari 52.6 lbs 5


The two largest fish caught in the tournament were:

1st. Raul De La Prida, 38.4 lbs.

2nd. Steve Machalaba, 36.8 lbs.


Additonally the tournament had seperate prize catagories for Junior, Lady and Veteran Anglers

Lady Angler Sue Carr Reel Sport 22.0 lbs  
Junior Angler Lizzy McLean Mak Tac 20.0 lbs
Veteran Angler Tony Campi Mak Tac 16.8 lbs